Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Santa time catch up...

So Monday night we headed over to Terang to their annual Traders Night.  We go most years, shops are open, the sports clubs and service clubs all run raffles that are drawn on the night, and the grand prize of a trailer load of goods drawn from tickets given throughout the month from shopkeepers when purchases have been made.  Alas we didn't win anything but we did pick ourselves up some yummy takeaway for dinner and a hot coffee to warm ourselves up. Yep it was a tad chilly last night.

The pipe band paraded down the Main Street, Mike playing spectator this time rather than playing.  They lead Santa and the SES.

And here comes Santa.  He was hiding under all that hair!!

A fun night out, and then all systems go heading up to Christmas.  But not before Christmas Eve's endeavours.  My workmate Di T decided that her, Kelli P and myself ought run the Hopkins Road hill before the end of the year.  This particular section of road is the steepest incline in Warrnambool I believe and is 1km exactly of a very steady and steep hill rise.  We aimed to conquer it and Christmas Eve after work was the time.  

Most people finish work on Christmas Eve and rush home to get ready for Christmas or out for drinks with friends.  Not us.  We donned our running gear and headed to the Blue Hole to park and warmed up running to the start of the hill.  How come the hill doesn't look half as steep in photos!!!

The sun was a bit fierce (a lot different to the night before) and heck, the flies were bad.  I note that I snarfed a number of them as we set off.  A pic of our hopeful faces at the start.

The girls placed me as first runner to set the pace, and just quietly so I wouldn't drop off the end.  I set a slow and steady pace and chugged my way up.  Oh heck my legs were screaming but I kept my gaze ahead on the speed sign, I was heavy breathing and a number of times felt like chucking, my stomach was churning, but we all relentlessly kept running until wonder of wonders we made it to the top and found the water bottles we had secreted earlier on prior to starting the run (we had driven up with the trip meter on so we knew where 1km hit). 

Thumbs up at the end.  We walked our way down and wonder of wonders we decided to do it again.  Are you freaking kidding me!  Actually Di decided we could do it again and persuaded us.  Hmmm she can be very persuasive.

This time on the way up Di shot passed us setting her own pace, she is super fit and off she flew.  Both Kelli and I continued to plod until my lungs and legs gave way half way up the second time and I had to walk a bit and told Kelli to continue on.  I did bring it back home at a run, but a bit disappointed that I did have to walk some, but still elated I did it.  Check out the elevation on Runkeeper.  Hysterical!

So we did it.  I travelled home on a high, got ready for Church and went to the Christmas Eve service which was just lovely and a wonderful wind down and end to the day.  

Got home, oldest stepson was here, Mike made two of his Santa calls, one to my bestie's son and one to his nephew.  He has been making these calls for years, and totally has to get into character when he becomes Santa.  

He had to think quick this year as Tabby arrived and the dogs started barking.  Err, did you realize that Santa has guard dogs to chase away the snow bunnies that try to eat the Christmas wrapping paper???  Where the heck did he come up with that one.  When questioned why he just didn't put the paper up on a shelf again he had to think quick ... oh because the elves are so short and they wouldn't be able to reach the paper to wrap the presents for Santa!  So there you have it.  Just in case you were wondering ha!

More to tell but I will leave it for another post.

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Lynne said...

Merry Christmas, Carol and Mike.

I have been I'll with a severe head cold and sinusitis so we haven't walked since Saturday! Plan to get back into routine next Monday!