Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting our jingle on!

So tonight was our town's Carols by Candlelight and mind you I have to scratch my head to remember the last time it didn't rain on the night and the Carols ended up in the local hall.  Rain was forecast for tonight, actually Elders Weather forecast 90% chance of rain! oh joy!  But it held off.  It was chilly which was ridiculous after the heat of yesterday, but no rain!!

So off we trot, coats in hand, and had a lovely night.  Oh how times have changed, battery candles!

They did well with food vendors - the Rotary BBQ, the Lions coffee, there was portable wood oven pizza stand, and the whirly swirly potatoes.   Most unhealthy, but it was an event!

I was just soooo ready for it to get dark, I wanted to play with my candle.   By this stage it was getting so chilly I was thinking the battery warmth of the glow might have helped matters.

Mike saw his mate Gonzo and thought he'd hustle in on the blanket, nearly breaking the fold up chair in the process!

Looks like delirium had set in at this stage to the Bah Humbug man.  I did mention it was chilly!  Yep a number of times.

Now we're getting silly.  Mike tucked the two candles in the fold of my hat.

Then the jolly man arrived by horse and cart.  And kids came from all directions!

And let me ask you your thoughts.  A huge line of kiddies waiting to talk to the big guy in the red suit.  And look who photobombs the photo!  Would you call this being naughty or nice, or just a bit desperate???

All in all a great night and we no sooner stepped inside the back door and down it came, the rain.  2013 Christmas Carols can be called a chilly success.


Esther Andrews said...

Fickle weather!! You are always good at making your own entertainment! Love the horse-drawn santa.

Lynne said...

Chilly? With temperatures well over 30* and even over 40* in the last few days, I can't remember what chilly feels like!