Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Better late than never

I really suck at keeping this blog up to date - so much to do, so little time.

So I mentioned my Fifty before 50 idea.  To do fifty fabulous, fun, frivolous, fantastic things before I turn 50 and document them.  To celebrate the things that put a smile on my face, whether they be big and grandiose, small and insignificant to some but maybe not to me, and everything in between.

Hope you will enjoy.

Here's the title page.  Thank you to Mike for taking such a nice photo of me on my birthday, sitting on the front porch just prior to going out for our ritzy chi chi pooh pooh lunch.

If you click on the page you will be able to read the journalling, if you so care to.

And page 1, my first fun thing I want to celebrate and of course starting the album off on a running page, it just was right, wasn't it !!

Credits:  Designer Digitals

Speaking about running, I ran my longest run on Saturday morning, 12.7km !  And despite feeling achy I followed it up on Sunday with a fun run, just a 4.5 km down at Camperdown the Lake2Lake.  A quick photograph after the run of the girls from our group who joined in, just before the heavens opened up and drenched everyone!

Well that's it for me, over and out.  Lights out!

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Lynne said...

What a great idea for your fiftieth year! I remember someone once said they were "fifty and nifty"!

I wish the heavens would open up here, especially over the Blue Mountains where two fires are still burning after more than a week! We haven't seen any decent rain since June!