Thursday, September 26, 2013

Late to bed, early to rise ... urrgh!

I swear that Molly is slowly killing me.  Our girl is old, it's been said she has stages of dementia.  Who knew that dogs even got that.  I do see it in her eyes, sometimes she'll go out into the backyard and look at me and wonder why she went out there.  Then at other times she is like a young girl again, going for a run, trying to keep up with Lucky, then whew!  She looks at me winded and thinks, what did I do that for.

Last weekend Miss Brittany stopped in for a visit with her dog Samson.  Oh my word, Lucky and Samson I swear ran for one hour solid.  They didn't stop, there was butt sniffing and jumping and play fighting and Samson would chase Lucky, then Lucky would chase Samson.  Molly took one look at them, I'm sure she said "crazy kids" and came and sat by my side.

This is Samson, handsome boy he is, full of exuberance.  
A rare moment I got him to sit still and watch my hand with the treat, while I took a photograph one handed.  If that's not enough to build muscles with the big DSLR, nothing is!

This is what the afternoon looked like.  
I don't know which of them had more fun.

This was the moment Molly thought
"if I roll over and play dead they may leave me alone!!"

So anyway back to Molly.  She sleeps inside on a big comfy doggy mattress so is always warm and comfy in her senior years.  However she's taken to waking up in the early hours and starting to wander.  I hear her, she wanders up and down the passageway, up and down, back to bed lies down, then up she gets to go up and down the passage way again.  She will do this ad nauseum.  We keep the laundry light on which bathes out into the passage way so it's not completely dark for her.  But it's wearing me down, being that for a week running this occurred every morning at 3AM !!!!!

I got up one morning and when she was in the passageway I shut the bedroom door.  It didn't stop her, I could hear her wandering up and down then coming to the door and head butting it, then up and down and repeat.  So I got up and she just went to the back door to go out.  I don't like letting her out there when it's cold because silly girl she is she will never use a kennel, but she obviously wanted to go out.  I went back to bed but not before looking out the window and there she was just laying in the middle of the front yard on the grass.  

I just don't get it.

Same deal again this morning except it was 5am.

It's really wearing me down getting a completely broken sleep like this.  I don't know how mothers do it with newborns!

So shall we take bets, what time tomorrow?  Anyone?

And Lynne yes, I did finish the December book and had it printed and love love love it.  I will have to take a pic.


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Lynne said...

So sad to watch a loved one deteriorate.

As for "December", unfortunately, the link you sent didn't work.