Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend happenings

Love it when I get an RDO on a Friday and it makes a three day weekend.  Plans were to go down to Geelong and spend the night with mum and take her out for a week late belated birthday dinner, as I couldn't get down the week before.

Mexican mmmmmmm.  With my fajitas and mum's burrito finished we took one look at each other and just knew we were going to dive into the dessert menu.  I figure I ticked the fruit box for the day when I tucked into a banana split, and mum certainly ensured her calcium levels were up with her icecream sundae.  Can we say big kids???

Love Mexican Graffiti in Geelong, you put the flag up at the table when you are ready to order or need something from the waiting staff, there's no needing to catch someone's eye, they know straight away and service is always super quick.  Such a fun and novel thing.

Don't our desserts look fab???

I knew I was going to make up for it on Saturday morning as I had planned my long Saturday morning run around the foreshore, and that I did.  I ended up running to Rippleside and back and then all the way over to Limeburners Point and back.  Around the big pool on the way back, then fluffed about going back to the carousel to build my k's up as I wanted to get into double figures.  End result 10.48 km.

And to put it into perspective for those who don't know Geelong, here I am on the tip of Limeburners Point looking back towards Rippleside.  Not a bad self-portrait of me running!  Wind in my hair, looking slightly on the thin side!

Can someone say ... birds nest!!??  But oh how arty farty with the sun rays coming through the tree like that.  Total fluke.  This was half way through my run.  Good times!  And such a beautiful morning for it.

And the best part about the whole weight loss thing is clothes shopping for sure.  I have been looking for a black jacket for ages and here it is.  Come to mama!  Excuse the sideways photo, that was not intentional, I've just not mastered the art of one handed selfies yet, and in a changeroom with three mirrors showing every angle, eeek!  David Lawrence jacket marked down by $110 !!!!!  Got to love a sale like that.

So having run 10km+ a few times now I feel quite good about next Saturday's fun run, where I'm doing the Mosaic to Mountain at Dunkeld.  My first ever 10km fun run.  The race is from the mosaic park area behind the main street to the base of the grampians and back.  It's fairly low key I believe being run by the local kindergarten.  I'm really looking forward to it as I feel ready.  Plus despite a sensational Friday and Saturday, and now turning cold and rainy today, the forecast for next weekend is apparently good.

Have a great Sunday!  

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Polly said...

I love the idea of a signal to the waiter, we have eaten at a couple of places that have done this and it's great.
Also that jacket is beyond fabulous and a bargain to boot!