Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Instagram wrap ups

I have decided that each month I'll put my favourite Instagram photos onto a page, and slip the page into our yearly albums.  How fun.  Lots of little snippets, nothing overly of consequence, just the fabric that makes up our lives.  Some of the photos may even make their way with a story onto a page of their own.  Other photos I will be hitting the delete button once I get these pages printed out.  All good.  All part of the memory keeping.

And because June we got our iPhones and I was a bit taken with Instagram (actually, I still am!!) there were enough photos to fill two pages!  Every month won't be like that though.

I did my last training run tonight, just a nice easy 4.5km before my big race on Saturday.   I say "big race" as in it's my first 10km fun run.  But the event isn't a big event.  It's being run by the local kindergarten at Dunkeld, called the Mosaic to Mountain Fun Run, starting at the Mosaic in the park in town and running to the base of the Grampians and back.  I'm really pumped for it.  I know I can now do 10+ km so hopefully that stands me in good stead for Saturday.  Saw that the forecast for Dunkeld is 26C and Windy.  Oh joy!  

I like my new hat that I got for my birthday from my American friend, thank you Bob!!  :-)  Makes me feel happy thinking I can definitely be seen bobbing around with a bright orange head.  Go Boise State!  I forget what they were, basketball, football, baseball?  Something with a ball anyway.  I don't look too winded here having just run 4.5km.  Go me.

Notice how Lucky is in the background ignoring me.  He gets really shitty when he seems me in my running gear about to leave the house.  When I take him with me on his long lead, he can only run about 1km before he gives up and then wants to walk and sniff every tree and post.  I promised him tomorrow.

The plan now is a walk and light weights tomorrow (Thursday).
Rest up (Friday)
Up to Dunkeld nice and early (Saturday) for the race starting at 9am.

I will go on record here and say I'll just be ecstatic to finish it.  But I would be absolutely over the moon if I can do it in 1 hour 15 mins.  Yeah yeah, people keep aiming for sub 60mins for their 10km runs.  I am being realistic.  I am still a plodder, but a happy plodder.

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