Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mosaic to Mountain Fun Run

Yesterday was the Dunkeld Mosaic to Mountain Fun Run and yay I did it.  My first timed 10km fun run.  I've run up to 12km in training runs so I knew I had it in my legs, so I just set out to enjoy it.  

Got to Dunkeld early and picked up my race bib attempted to pin it on and pinned my stomach instead!!  BLEEDING!!  Oh heck, I can't even get further than the registration tent and I'm in pain.   What a sense of self satisfaction walking around with my red numbered race bib, like a neon sign ... HEY LOOK AT ME I'M RUNNING THE BIG ONE!!!

Unfortunately Mike couldn't be there yesterday so I'm proud of myself that I went up there on my own, not even any of our Warrnie crew were there.  I sent Mike a text message telling him all was good and I was a bundle of nerves and he texted me back "You'll be right. JFDI".  Got to love that man talking the 12wbt lingo.

Such a warm day, they said there was around 200 there, this was the second year they had held the event.  I had planned to run my own pace and not get carried away and knew I was at the back of the pack the whole way, but for me it was about taking part, not setting the world on fire.  Having said that I was rapt to see all my average splits were 6 mins something except one at 7:05.  That has never happened!

Such a well organised race by the Dunkeld Kinder.  Love that on many direction points that there would be a parent with their kinder child.  Then having the child clap as you run past calling out "come on you can do it" just terrific.  Running out of town closer and closer to the imposing Mt Sturgeon really was wonderful, completely fantastic views.  It was hot and I learnt a lesson I should be running with a cap or sun visor.

So glad to run through the finish line although Runkeeper reliably informs me that the 10km fun run measured 11.2km.  Hmmm, who knows.  The orange I had at the end was the sweetest most fabulous tasting orange ever!!

I was quietly fingers crossed hoping to do the run in 1 hour 15 mins.  Final time was 1:14:04 !!!!  Yay I have a PB!  Plus I came 74th out of 80 runners in the 10k.  Still rapt.  Six people came in after me.  Mind you when I looked at the results, they had me in the Veterans Category.  WTF did that happen?  I'm a veteran?????

It was lovely also to meet Matilda and husband of Run Mum blog.  I have been reading along that blog the last couple if weeks and saw a lady wearing a tshirt with Run Mum on it and had to say hello to find out if it was her.  Such nice people, we chatted for a short while trading stories.

Here's a pic of Mt Sturgeon I took from a look out on the way home so you can see the types of view we had, albeit much much closer.

After that I was on such a high, I got changed and then headed to the market in town, such wonderful arts and crafts, so I could pick up some gifts to take on my trip away with me.  Then home for a rest, feet up, and a snooze.  Not for long though, had a function to go to with the man last night, I even wore high heels, can you believe it !!   Ouch.

So what's next on the horizon by way of fun runs.  Honestly with November out of the equation being that I'll be away overseas for three weeks, unless something pops its head up in December, I think the Surf T Surf in January will be the next one.  And yes, I'll be one of those runners with the snazzy red bib on, cause I'll be doing the 10km!!

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Woo-hoo! Good on you!