Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rocking our little socks off !

Today we went to the Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Festival.  We went last year and knew it was loads of fun, so even though the weather was drizzly we didn't want to miss it again.  There's something quite intoxicating looking at all those beautiful cars, so lovingly restored, they really are a thing of beauty (and I'm not a rev head, the most I know about cars is you put the key in the ignition and they're supposed to work!!).  And seeing the people wandering around all dressed up in 50's clothes and their make up impeccably done.  Such a way of life for a lot of these people.

Oh you may have noticed something in this shot, someone has lost a bit of weigh too - namely a lot of fuzz around the chin!  The whiskers have gone.  Gave me the shock of my life when I came home the other day and I saw him clean shaven, only the second time in 12 years!

I was standing admiring the bright yellow car and the gentleman came up to me and asked if I'd like to have a sit in it.  My goodness (although the pics turned out very dark).  Mike talked to him for a little bit asking about parts, and how he fixed it up.  Chat chat chat.  I got out, he closed the car door.  We thanked him and as we left I looked around and he was walking off the other way.  It dawned on me ... what if he didn't own the car???!!!  Woops.  Surely not.

Never one to miss an opportunity!  Mike found his hand got awfully tired and needed to rest! ha.  Fun times!

So after a wander around we went over to the Rockabilly Dance Lessons in the hall.  One hour of hip flipping, twirling, swivelling and generally sweating up a storm to a lot of laughter.  I soon realised I needed a square radius of about 10 metres when I danced, particularly when I decided to do my own hand movements, just adding a bit of flair of course, except I nearly took a lady's nose off dancing next to us at  one stage with one of my more flamboyant moves.  

I'd have to say though, if I grabbed Mike right now and tried to do the routine, we would look at each other and not remember a thing.  Lots of fun at the time though.  

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Lynne said...

Sounds like fun! Mike looks different but is still recognisable. My WM has had a beard since two or three years before we were married (36 years ago) so I don't think our DD or grandsons would recognise him!