Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend almost done and dusted

Something really strange happened to me yesterday.  You know that women's intuition that niggles at you and sometimes you just have to go with it.  I was popping into our local little supermarket and there were some people I knew out the front selling raffle tickets for their school.  $10 raffle tickets!  I just said to them can't afford to waste $10 on a raffle ticket which they completely understood.  I did my shopping, went back out to the car parked just up the road.  I went to turn the key in the ignition and something really pulled me back and said I needed to go buy a raffle ticket.   Ten flipping dollars!  Sheesh.  But the pull was so great, so I went back and bought one.   Call it an itchy palm, call it women's intituion, call it something bigger than I can explain.  But I wonder.  Maybe I won't have to go new car shopping one of these days after all.   Watch this space.  :-)

So getting to that time of the weekend I don't really like, Sunday evening, weekend is almost over.  It's been cold, it's been wet, it's been windy.  Yep, a pretty dismal weekend for sure.  The fire has been working overdrive and it's nice and cosy in the loungeroom and that's where I'm headed any moment!

How come at the start of the weekend I have all manner of things I want to get done, and yet here we are and hardly any of it is finished.  I seriously have to sit down with October's calendar and work out everything we've got coming up that's not down on the calendar, I have bits of reminder papers everywhere.  See, I have those beautiful Lang Calendards each year and I have one of those frames to put them in.  So when you want to pop over to the next month, the only pain is you've got to take the whole calendar out of the frame to do so.  So I jot down things on bits of paper so when I take the calendar out to update I can do it all at once.  Messy yes, but I like the way the calendar isn't flapping about everywhere on the wall.

Sharon was asking in the last post what podcasts I have been listening to of late.  These are the ones that automatically update onto my ipod that keep me company to and from work:

The Digi Show - my all time favourite listen.  I don't even erase them from my ipod when finished, I actually listen to them over again at a later date if I've run out of things to listen to.

Paperclipping Round Table - although I'm selective as to what episodes I download, not everything interests me, particularly if they are talking paper techniques as opposed to a theme that fits across all scrapbooking styles.

This Memory Keepers Life - a great podcast by Debbie Hodge.  I really enjoy this, hearing the story behind the scrapbooker whether it be paper or digi.

Creative Living with Jamie - there is something about Jamie Ridler's voice, I just love to listen to her pre-amble.  Sometimes I find the interviews are hard going listening, as it's taped differently, perhaps over a phone, rather than through a studio mike.  I have no idea.  But I do like listening to her voice.  Does that make me weird.

Michelle Bridges 12wbt - I download the videos from my 12wbt program and listen to them as podcasts, I don't delete these either.  If I feel I need a kick up the bum, I pop Michelle on and she can give me a schlacking!

They are the current ones I'm listening to.  Others have come and gone over the time, Hamish & Andy, Photofocus, Layout A Day, which I'm currently unsubscribed to for one reason or another.  I get a bit antsy when I have a lot of podcasts to listen to, I can't listen to them all.

So would love to know what you are listening to, just in case I need to add more.  Eeeek.

I've scrapped a couple of the shots from last Saturday's crater challenge.  I was reading my friend Jane's blog and she had me laughing when I read a reference to Mt. Vesuvius.  I swear I laughed for about 5 minutes and every time I subsided I giggled again.  I knew I had to "borrow" that reference for my journalling here.   A rare two page spread from me.

And with that I best go make dinner, a pre-cooked dinner in the freezer for me that I have made and stocked up on as part of my eating program, and marinated pork chops for Mike (drool) !!


Polly said...

No long weekend for you carol?

Lynne said...

We had a long weekend which started with rain and ended with brilliant sunny days good luck with the raffle ticket!