Saturday, October 13, 2012

My poor neglected blog

Shameful blogger, that's me.  Neglecting this blog while I'm getting on with life.  Go figure  :-)  

But there has been something quite noteworthy that has happened over the past while, which we are thrilled for both of them.  No date set as yet, but how exciting, I'm going to be a (step) mother of the bride!

Credits Designer Digitals.

So after my last mammoth achievement of the crater climb, and yes, it took probably just on a week to be able to walk without wincing, aye yay yay, the backs of my calves felt like they had tennis balls in them.  But here we are with another grand achievement next week, which I won't fill you in on yet, but lets just say the volcano is nothing compared to what we have planned.

However a couple of the girls thought we should work up to it, and so we are spending the day together tomorrow down at the Otways and seeking out four of the waterfalls and walking, trudging, hiking to them.  It is meant to fine up tomorrow, but after all the rain we've had recently, I just know it's going to be wet underfoot.

So ........ I went shopping this past week and bought these little beauties.   They feel amazing.  We have a gravel driveway and I can't even feel the gravel under my feet.
Not only do they feel good, but it's an even better feeling when you get a Gold Medal in Shopping!!!!  Ready for it ... they were down from $259 to $129.99 (if you bought them online), however I went into the store and got them for a cool $79.99.  But wait she cries, that's not all.   I had a $25 gift voucher from the store because Mike had recently bought a very expensive sleeping bag that warranted us receiving a voucher (note I say "US" and not "HE") !!  So that brought these little lovelies down to a neat $65.  Way to go, she wins the gold !  

Back tomorrow with photographs, hopefully.   


Lynne said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!

What a great bargain! Enjoy!

Fiona said...

Huge congratulations to Tabby and Aaron - how exciting!! Well done to you to with your fitness regime - WTG Carol!!! x