Sunday, September 2, 2012

Father's Day

Sunday is nearly finished, Father's Day has passed by for another year.  

Mike has had a lovely day, although I ended up getting breakfast in bed, I don't know how I wrangled that one, but I did.  He received a lovely big Toblerone from the menagerie, how clever they were shopping for him!  

Brittany and Tristan came out for a late lunch, being that Mr. T had to work until lunchtime, so we had a yummy lunch of leek & potato soup and savoury scones.  Definitely not on the 12wbt menu, but probably not too bad.  A great recipe from my dear friend Tanya's mum, who I made the cookbook for last year.  Mr. T certainly thought the scones were a bit of okay seeings he polished off 5 in one sitting!  

I love watching Mike interact with the kids.  He's a terrific father.  And it's a new chapter of all their lives as the kids are young adults now, so the relationships have slightly shifted, but in a good way.  

I thought of my dad a lot today too.  I know that he's with me always, if not in spirit, always in my heart.  This photo is from a life time ago.   I was bridesmaid at a friend's wedding, please don't think I always have my hair in plaits and flowers like Heidi !  Mum and dad were invited to the wedding also.  And someone somewhere snapped this photo.  I love it.  No one could quite wear a tan suit like my dad!

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Lynne said...

Yeah, my dad was in my thoughts a lot today too -- just as I'm sure FIL was in WM's thoughts too!

It's great watching our men being fathers to their adult children, isn't it? And in my case watching Grandad as he exhausts himself being a big kid playing with the little ones and trying to balance that with keeping them out of mischief!