Friday, September 21, 2012

Okay, I have a confession to make

Forgive me readers because I am cheating on you.  Naaah not really, but I do have a confession.  I have another blog.

Shock ... horror.  You're not the only one.  Oh dear.

I have a separate blog to this that I have been using as a journal of sorts since I have been on Michelle Bridges 12wbt program.  Just a place to get my thoughts out, celebrate wins, dissect lows, all that type of rollercoaster stuff that one goes on when trying to change one's life.  However because I talk about specifics about my weight, I don't have it linked up here.  I really don't need friends and family and crafty buddies knowing how much I weigh, yanno.  If you are desperate to see it, drop me a line, I may or may not give you the link.  What can I say, I'm trying to protect the integrity of the scales, right?

So anyway, back to this mysterious blog.  During the rounds of 12wbt there are challenges every week.  This past week was for people on the program to nominate their favourite blogs of those doing 12wbt, and trust me there are a LOT of blogs people are writing about their experiences on the program.

I was really humbled to find out that some of the incredible people doing the 12wbt program nominated my blog.  There were a number of criteria to fulfill but Michelle had indicated in the challenge that :
"I will choose twenty blogs which I feel best embrace the 12WBT philosophies, really show the personality of the author and their journey - whilst still adding value to others."

I was even more humbled to find out that I was one of the lucky 20 winners.  Michelle's email on Wednesday said : 
This week’s Weekly Surprise was important not only because the winners are actively inspiring people but because the blogs nominated to win this week will also go on to be the nominees for the end of round Blogger Award. There were so many great entries that I got lost in a time-tunnel reading them all! Well done!!

SAY WHAT?!?!??  Michelle actually READ my blog.  Woah.  Well that set me off, jumping up and down and squealing with delight. 

She finished off the email to say:

Each of these amazing bloggers has won a ChiBall™ set including a ChiBall™, instructional DVD and CD worth $75 each!
Mish Xx

So today my prize arrived, I don't know what I was more excited with, the prize or the personal handwritten note that Michelle had added.  Yep, Mike did the whole holding it up to the light and declared it was not a print, that it was actually handwritten.  Yep, I'm smitten, Michelle is a rockstar and she has written to me!  And read my blog.  Does life get any better?  After all of that I realised I forgot to take a photograph of the actual chi ball, but needless to say once it was blown up I pranced around the kitchen like an Olympic gymnast!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.  I'm meeting up with some friends and we are doing a mini milestone challenge.  It's us versus the volcano!   We are taking on Tower Hill running (read in my case: walking or crawling) up and down the crater.  Apparently we are aiming for four times up and down.  Oh Lordy Lord, what have I let myself in for.  I will be taking the camera, but depending on how steep it is will depend on if I take it up and down the crater with me.  With a bit of luck there will be photographs, unless I keel over with exhaustion.


Polly said...

You are amazing carol. What a fantastic thing

Lynne said...

Wow!congratulations! Fantastic! Hope the hill "thing" went well and you didn't keel over!

BTW! I have blogged about a knit counter app in my last post!

Elena said...

Awesome Carol! Train Hard Eat Clean is my motto too! Hope you do a page on your volcanic experience! Way to go!