Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Darling Molly.   She's feeling very wonky, very wobbly, very sad and sorry for herself.  Mike picked her up at 5pm and carried her to the car as she had the shakes.  She's not a light weight, she weighed in at 36.4 kg!

We set up one of her mattress beds in the living area and she has slept nearly all evening in the warm loungeroom.  Oh except for when I was cutting up the cooked chicken for dinner.  Funny how her stomach kicked into overdrive and woke her out of her stupor.  Well I guess she hadn't really eaten for 24 hours as her last meal was 6pm last night, so she was treated to some warmed chicken.  Lucky girl.

I've just come down here to the other end of the house to type this blog post and upload some photos and lo and behold she staggered in here not five minutes after me and loyal as always is laying by my feet.


Okay, so end result was apparently the growth was on her third eyelid.  I understand that is the eyelid on dogs that goes sideways under the ones that go up and down (I think).    And apparently dogs don't really need that eyelid really (I'm ready to stand corrected if I'm wrong), but in any case the vet has taken the growth and that section of the eyelid out.

Good news - no stitches!
Even better news - no bucket head!

She just has to rest up after the affects of the anaesthetic and we have an anti-bacterial ointment to put in her eye three times a day.  I am so relieved it's all over, lets just hope we have a few smooth days ahead getting her over the anaesthetic.


Rest up baby girl, sleep tight.  We love you.


esther_a said...

I am SO glad it turned out to be less traumatic than you thought. Big hugs for Molly!

Elena said...

Poor baby. :( Great photos though!

Calico said...

Great news! Give her a scratch behind the ears for me <3

Janie D said...

Hi Carol, what gorgeous photos of your girl! I'm just having a lovely wander through your blog after you commented on mine (One Life and I wanted to say I'm in Warrnambool. We have a southwest 12wbt crew too, so hopefully we can get together at some stage. I will enjoy popping in and reading your beautiful blog. You are a clever lady - and good luck with all the pre-season tasks. do them dilligently as they will really really help... x

amson said...

Oh I could just hug her, she looks so miserable. Poor darling. Hope by now she is back to her old self :-)