Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How quickly the days are going

I know I've said that before.  But since my last post we've had a big event for the G Family.  Miss Tabatha's 21st birthday.   The theme was "Hollywood Glam" and she asked me to be the papparazzi.  Woah, pressure was on.   But I'm so pleased the some of the photos I took, I think I captured family and a whole lot of fun for her.

Here's a sneak peek.  Shhh, even Miss T hasn't seen them yet.  She's getting them tomorrow.

The birthday girl and her proud dad
Joined by her very tall boyfriend

Yep, we did go Hollywood Glam, even her grand dad had his tails on!

Yep, there's me, I got in front of the camera for once.

Err, someone was enjoying this Hollywood thing a little too much, he actually walked through the restaurant like this to the function room and lapped it up when the restaurant patrons applauded him, oh dear, we've created a monster!

I was aiming to get a really fun photo of Tab and her friends, I was delighted with this fun one.

Mike and his sister, he's trying to look cool, suave and sophisticated.  Right.
How do you spell suave anyway?

SCORE!   My oldest and very serious stepson never smiles in photos, but I caught him by surprise here!  Love it.

And this very beautiful cake, what a shame to cut it, but it was delicious!  I had the smallest piece.

Such a fun night was had by all.  Then Sunday afternoon Mike came down with the fluey-cold-hacking-cough-sore-throat-thing.  And he's been down for the count since then.  Touch wood, I'm still fine.


Lynne said...

Beautiful photos. Tab looks a lot like her dad and even more like her grandad. Mike certainly has his mischievous side!

Polly said...

What a fun theme for a party, and the photos are fabulous.