Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tomorrow is just another day, right?

Molly is having an operation tomorrow and to be honest I still don't know we're doing the right thing but we are going with our instincts. Back in early 2010 you may recall she had a growth on her eyelid and it got bigger and bigger and it was pushing her bottom eyelid out and she had it cut out of her eyelid. Here is the blog post from back then. Well she was miserable after that, it took her quite a while to bounce back, it knocked her about a lot in the recovery phase. We swore black and blue we would never put her through another op.

Well another growth has come back in the inner corner of the lid of her other eye this time. A visit to the vet and the two options were to get it cut out or just leave it, with the chance it would get bigger, interfere with her sight, grow roots, etc. We told the vet of our concerns and he checked her right over and surprisingly for a big 13 year old dog (well we think she's at least 13) he said she had a surprisingly strong heart and he felt she could have around 2 to 3 years left in her (I hate them talking like that). But this put her in a whole new ball park. He was confident whilst the growth was small it was a simple op for him, only if it grew bigger would it be more major.

So we're going ahead with it. But I'm scared witless. I'm looking at her laying on the floor next to me all so comfortable and snoring away and thinking tomorrow everything will change for her. So please my blog friends, think very good thoughts for my best friend here, just pray that it all goes well and that she recovers from the anaesthetic okay. I know you know how much I love my big old girl.

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Calico said...

Prayers headed Molly's way! She will be just fine, you'll see! She's lucky to have people doing the right thing for her and I'm sure she knows it <3