Sunday, May 20, 2012

The weekend that was

Again with another quick weekend flashing by.  Urrrgh.   Mike is chasing the yellow stuff today, I wonder what he'll bring home, if anything.  I've just been pottering, as I like to do.   Molly is back to her normal old self, with a vengeance.

She disgraced me earlier, both of them did.  We have new neighbours across the road and they could see me out taking photographs in the front yard.   Well they popped across the street to meet me, having already met Mike during the day one other time.  Along trotted their little fluffy white dog.   OMG it was on.  Bark bark bark, I swear the whole neighbourhood would have heard it.  Until their little white fluffy dog decided to just sit on the naturestrip and not say boo, and yet Lucky was still doing back flips which egged Molly on.  Oh dear.  Finally when we paid them no heed they all stopped and we could talk, or at least hear ourselves talk.   Yep, nothing much wrong with Molly now.   She's worn herself out with all that barking and has plopped down on the floor in the bedroom and gone to sleep.  Ha!

I did want to document the difference in photographs so of course have done a couple of scrap pages to put in our album, the photos you've already seen.



All products from Designer Digitals.

Well nothing much else to talk about, how boring of me!  We are moving office at work next week so some long days packing.  Mind you we're only moving 2 doors up the street.  Looking forward to the new office, but not looking forward to the actual move. 

Time for a cuppa, I'll go boil my new kettle  :-)

Oh, not red you may notice!!!  Gaah!  I got a message from the store that the red had sold out and wasn't available from the manufacturer for a month or so.  So red really does go fast, straight off the shelves.  I supposed I could have waited until I was next in Geelong and checked in Myer, but you know what I like this just as much.  

Have a good week everyone.


Lynne said...

It's a lovely kettle/jug indeed.

Good to hear that Molly has fully recuperated... and some!

Polly said...

Im so glad that Molly is back to her old self, what a great old dog she is. And yes I love the blue kettle too.