Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm reality TV'ed out !

Woah, my eyes have turned square for sure.  I started off watching Biggest Loser, switched over to Excess Baggage and finished it with Find a Wife for My Boy (or whatever the heck it is called).  It was like I was in a trance, I couldn't leave the room! ha.  They really throw out out the fishing line with these shows and reel you in, don't they?

I'm a bit behind with finishing up Christmas pages, so here's how Christmas day went down with Mike's family.



Love this way of scrapping, nice, clean, neat, shows off the photographs nicely, and still leaves room for journalling and a little embellishment.   These were done using Lynn Grieveson's Centred Shots Template.   Click on the template set to go check them out.  I'm thinking these are way perfect for a travel album too.   

Nothing much happening this neck of the woods.  I hear that the Giants won the Super Bowl, I know someone who will be very happy!

Oh and Lucky has completely forgotten to limp at all today, so all good in that department too.


alexa said...

Such happy photos, beautifully arranged - really shows them off to their best advantage.

ksharonk said...

So glad Lucky has forgotten to limp ... ha ha, he is a sneaky little thing, isn't he? Your Christmas looked like a fun day, and I agree, those templates are fab! :)

Lynne said...

It is indeed a lovely layout.

You really like your reality TV, don't you?