Monday, February 13, 2012

A good laugh after a hard day at work

Had a horrendous day at work, felt like I was putting out fires everywhere, figuritively speaking of course.  Everything, even the littlest thing became a disaster of epic proportions and I've come home so tired.  Just before I left work I got a text on my mobile from one of the girls here in town:

"Desperate in need of girls night out, how about 25th, movies and dinner?"

Couldn't think on the spur of the moment so I text her back that I would check the calendar when I got home.  Yes, even in this age of gadgets, my diary is the kitchen calendar, sad but true.   I look on the calendar and saw she may be double booked so write her back:

"Err, isn't that your husband's birthday?".

A short pause then I get the message back:   "%&#*(# you're a better wife to my husband than I am, how about the Friday night?"

Right, so between you, me and the gatepost and the whole www, let's just not let her husband know that his wife completely forgot his birthday.

Talking about forget ... Valentines Day tomorrow.   We usually go out for dinner which we will be doing as usual tomorrow night.   And yes, we get caught up with the schmaltz and give each other a card and gift.  But like last year have set a $10 limit.  Actually that ends up a lot harder, it's so much easier to be grand and majestic.  So being that usually I am up and ready and off to work while Mike is still in bed, and I mention to him that perhaps tomorrow we should exchange gifts and card in the morning before I go to work.  He looked aghast then tried very smoothly to say:

"Oh honey, why don't we wait until you get home from work, that way we can take our time and enjoy opening our gifts."

Translation:   I haven't bought it yet, haven't got a card, let alone thought of what to write on it, so I need tomorrow to do all that.

Yep Mr. G, I'm a wake up to you.   So for all the world to see, here's something from the heart I put together for him, ready for tomorrow.


Credits Designer Digitals

I like that photo of him, I took it at the Muster on Australia Day.  Yep, he looked the part surely with his Akubra.

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Lynne said...

I hope you have a lovely day at work followed by a wonderful evening with Mr G.