Sunday, February 5, 2012

You've lost the plot !!!

Or at least I thought that's what Mike yelled out to me today, I could hear him from out in the back courtyard yelling "you've lost the plot".   WELL !  hmmmph, I strode right out there to wonder why he thought that.  Except it was "you've lost the POT".  A lovely creamy white porcelain pot that I still had not yet planted a plant in was smashed into pieces on the ground.  Waaaaah!  So I hadn't lost the plot afterall, haha.

It was so windy today, Melbourne really copped it I saw on the news, we just had wind and a bit of rain.  We lost a bit of the carport roof, part of a strip of that corrugated plastic sheeting, which had gone brittle from the elements over the years.  It had come off and blown right across the roof of the garage to the other side of the house.  And it was windy like that most of the day, thankfully that was our only damage.

Back to work tomorrow, a 4 day week for me, I have Friday off.  I like heading into the week knowing it's a short one.  It just makes me happy!

Well you knew I was just going to have to use some of the photos to scrap a page, didn't you?  He is back to his normal self today so whatever it was that was bothering him, is bothering him no more.  He's running, jumping, playing without a hint of a limp.  Although funnily enough when the lady from up the road was walking her beautiful Golden Retriever this afternoon and Lucky usually does backflips when he sees Bridie walking past ignoring him, the little minx started limping again running up and down the fence line with his paw in the air.  Hmmmm, can we say SYMPATHY !


Credits Designer Digitals.

Oh and for those who are barracking in the Super Bowl, I'll say ... 'GO GIANTS' !!!!!   (hope that brings a smile to a friend of mine who may be reading this).


Lynne said...

Sounds like you got off lightly!

We had real summer today - we even had to turn on the air-conditioner this afternoon! Yay!!

alexa said...

Ah, just like a toddler (or hubby) playing for sympathy! I love the contrasts on your page ...