Sunday, September 25, 2011

We did it !!!

And obviously because Molly was a great help in supporting, right?? Geelong and Colly-wobbles, err Collingwood, in the Grand Final next week. It has to be Geelong the victor, right? It's just got to be? What a fun week this will be in the build up.

My mum is a HUGE Collingwood fan. She thinks because she grew up part of her childhood in Collingwood that she has extra special rights as a Collingwood supporter, I'm sure. She's been black and white one-eyed since forever. She told me on the phone last night that she's started decorating the windows of the house and the front yard with black and white streamers. Hope it rains and they turn into a yucky grey mess! hahahahha Oh I am ruthless aren't I?

My dad used to be in the football umpires, umpired for many many years in the goals, over 500 matches throughout his umpiring life, then went on to the appointment board so after waving the flags for all those years, then started rating and appointing the umpires. It was his life. And he was known for it.

One of his friends had a sports store and remember those life sized football cardboard cutouts that they may have had advertising something or other to do with football in the sports stores, well they were having a clear out and he rang dad to see if mum wanted to take one, he was giving it away. It was a Collingwood player, I have no idea of who it was now.

She was over the moon and the footy player "lived" in the front window of their home for all the world to see. Whenever I went over there, by stealth, I would turn the player upside down so it looked like he was standing on his head in the front window and all you could see were shorts and legs flying up in the air. And she would have no idea until she left the house. It was a long standing joke between us.

So CARN THE CATS, I ***DO NOT*** want the Collywobbles to win next Saturday. I will never live it down.


I am really lucky to have friends, from lots of facets of my life, from the past and from the present, from clubs I have been in, from interests I have had, from the town I live in, to everything in between, I am really lucky.

And of course a wife counts her husband as her nearest and dearest. But there's nothing quite like a girlfriend. Am I right there?

Having said that I have only one best friend, who knows me inside and out, who I can tell ANYTHING to, who I can be myself with, who never judges, who laughs at my jokes, sympathises with my miseries, who listens to me and really hears me, who knows all my secrets, who will be by my side if I need her, and who I would do the very same for her. Most of all she forgives me if I do something really really dumb. Which you'll read about when you read the journalling on this page.


Credits Designer Digitals.

I love this photograph of the two of us and with Sonia living in Tassie (heaven on earth) and me here in Victoria, we don't see each other as much as we used to. Oh the weekends we would spend with each other, just hanging around up in her place in Melbourne when she lived there, such memories.

And I can't wait until the start of December when Sonia is coming over and we are having a girls weekend - just me and her - in Melbourne. YAY!!!!

Trying to plan a bit of an itinerary, we KNOW we will be doing the Chocolate Tour of Melbourne! ha. What's a girl's weekend without chocolate right? What else to do??? Anyone know any good restaurants or eateries to try? We're up for it for sure. Can't wait.


I'm spending the next couple of days in Geelong with my mum, and likewise the Monday/Tuesday of the week after too. She is having cataract surgery on her eyes, one eye at a time. A lot of people have said that it will be such a success that she will wish she did it years ago. But she is scared stiff.

She has worn glasses since she was a wee little thing and is just about blind as a bat without them now, she's so worried it won't be a success and she'll lose her sight and in turn lose one of her greatest joys of reading.

So think good thoughts for us will you, it's day surgery so she needs me to stay with her overnight and while I'm there I'm going to cook up some soups/casseroles or the like and freeze them for her.


Fiona said...

Brilliant story about standing in front of the video Carol - chuckle!! I think your friend has her priorities right, she knows your friendship is a gem to be treasured videos, who needs them... ;-) x

Lynne said...

Wishing your mum all the best for her surgery. My mum is having hers done next month.