Monday, September 12, 2011

Well ... I'll be

A monkeys uncle that is. Hope everyone uses that saying, because I sure feel like a monkey tonight. We still have a baby gate up at the entrance to the little area in which the laundry, the bathroom and the toilet come off. So that Lucky or Molly for that matter can't get to the cat's food which is kept in the laundry. Bo our cat, she's a grazer, she eats all the live long day if she could, just comes in, checks out the smorgasbord has a bite and then leaves, to do it all again 10 minutes later.

So tonight everything was quiet so I went looking. Lucky nowhere to be found. Except I heard a tinkling thinking it was the cats collar clinking against her food bowl.


Lucky has worked out how to open the baby gate. Un-freaking-believable. He was on the inside of the baby gate looking out with 2 empty cat bowls in clear view behind him in the laundry.

Now admittedly we didn't have it snibbed as such, just shut, but for him on the passage side of the gate, it opens in. How on earth has he somehow stuck his paw in the gate, opened it toward him and slipped himself inside, is anyone's guess. But he was looking mighty pleased with himself when he was licking his chops from the cats food.

There is a neverending story with that little rascal.

So Designer Digitals had their third-quarter Scrap and Chat on the weekend. Too bad in Australia you end up sleeping through half of it whilst the rest of the world is awake and having fun. However I did catch Lynn Grieveson's chat and was able to pull together this page using her beautiful soft freebie of 2 green papers, a ribbon and a foliage and added a few other assorted goodies.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Yep, you guessed it, another page for the book for my nephews.

Had my father-in-law here for dinner tonight and it was a treat to come home to see Mike already had dinner well underway. Can we say it was a big show for his dad? ha! Looked impressive. They were going to a meeting tonight and then FIL is heading back home, with strict rules that we need three rings on the phone whatever time he gets home just so we know he's made it back okay. That's the penance for not staying with us as we had begged him to.

So about an hour ago the call came out. There were more visitors at his meeting than initially thought and they weren't going to have enough supper to offer them. Mike knew we had a bag of 30 dim sims in the freezer, could I bring them down with my "dim sim cooker".

Now to be honest I don't think he knows how I steam my dim sims, I usually just put 3 or 4 in a microwave bowl, covered with a bit of water and zap them. Only 3 or 4 at a time. So I figure I would take my steamer and pop it on and they should be done by the time they'd finished the meeting. I got down to the kitchen and had completely forgotten they don't have an oven in the meeting room. DOH! So I've emptied them into the steamer (frozen as they are), covered them with hot water, put the lid on and cross fingers they'll be thawed by the time they came out. Boys only though, I wasn't allowed to stay.

I'm sure there'll be a story to tell about half frozen dim sims when he comes home.


Lynne said...

Are you sure you should have called him Lucky? How about Houdini? LOL

Hope the dim sims turned out okay!

That's a lovely photo of Matthew. You sure do miss them, don't you?

Chocolate Cat said...

We have to feed our cats on the kitchen bench so Jimmy doesn't get to it!!! They also graze all day! He will do anything and I mean anything to get a morsal!!

alexa said...

Lovely photo and page - really like how you tiered your journalling here. Pulls your eye to the photo. Hope the next batch of dim sums was better!