Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday blues

Do you get them? On the downward slide of Sunday thinking that the weekend is almost over and all the plans you had and things you wanted to get done are still not done? I get these types of blues every Sunday. The elation I feel of a Friday night starting the weekend has all but evaporated. Ahh well, roll on next weekend right? The way the weeks are flying by, it will be Friday night again before we know it.

I've done enough pages now to have a 20 page book for the boys, but 20 pages feels a bit flimsy, you no sooner open it and it's ended. So now I'm just going back through my photos of the boys and selecting my favourites and scrapping them to be inserted in the book. Mind you, I haven't made any plan except that it will be in roughly date order. I have probably got more left side pages than right, or vice versa. I will have to make do. There's something to be said for being a centric scrapper, you don't need to worry about such things, I need to work on that. Having said that, this page will fit nicely either side. :-)


Credits Designer Digitals.

Such a photogenic boy David is, the eyes get me in each and every time.

I took Lucky for a walk earlier on, oh my goodness the wind is positively bracing out there. As we were walking there was a car broken down in the service lane of the main road. Two big strapping young men, dressed all in black, long hair, tattoos, scary looking and three girls, also scary looking if I don't mind admitting, were standing around the motor trying to fix it.

I was just walking on the footpath, looking straight ahead, but of course Lucky stared them out, walking his tough little walk and not taking his eyes off them. The young men started laughing and the girls let out a simultaneous "awwwwww". It was funny. I wasn't exactly wary of them, but they looked pretty tough individuals for our little town, amazing how a little Jack Russell who thinks he is six feet tall can break the ice!

Mike has been suffering yet another bout of the flu and has been down for the count the last few days. At the moment he's watching a DVD laying out on the couch, but the antibiotics are working, thank goodness. Can I say I'm sick of us both being sick!


Polly said...

Its a lovely book Carol. The boys will love it.

alexa said...

So sorry to hear you've both been suffering ... Cool Lucky! And your page is very sweet. I love how there's plenty of space and yet a story gets told. Are you going to have the book professional printed?

Lynne said...

I sympathise with Mike - I have yet another cold. I was rarely sick when I was working and around people all the time, this winter it seems like I have rarely been completely well!

Your story about Lucky was very funny!

David does indeed have lovely eyes!