Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well I've seen everything now!

I was in Geelong Monday/Tuesday to be with my mum and stay with her overnight as she was having her cataracts done. Is "done" what you say? Anyway basically this week she was having one eye fixed and next week the other eye. More about that later.

While waiting for her procedure to be over, I had a wander around the streets and invariably ended up at the wool shop.

Well I've seen everything now. The window was decked out in all manner of blue/white knitting, included knitted bunting! But the piece de resistance was a knitted bicycle. I had to take a photo it was terrific. Crazy crazy Geelong people ... and I can say that because I'm originally one of them ;-)


Back to mum ... I sat with her in her little waiting room, veeeeery nice the new St. John of God day surgery building. The little room was nice and comfy, TV, magazines, comfy chairs. Every so often a nurse would come in and put drops in her eye, prepping her I guess for the procedure. Finally the surgeon came in and with a texta put a small mark at the top and bottom of her right eye.

I looked at him and suggested he have a bit of fun and draw eyelashes on her, and you've gotta love a surgeon with a sense of humour ... HE DID!!!! Here's Raggedy Ann here after the surgeon's artistic hand with the eyelashes. Thank goodness he had a steadier hand in the procedure.



She's feeling terrific now. She's worn glasses since she was about 5 years old, the glass on which are almost as thick as coke bottles, and already she can see out of her right eye clearer than ever, she says everything is so much brighter. The surgeon believes that once her left eye gets done next week, she'll end up not having to wear glasses at all. Incredible.


Fiona said...

Oh Carol, bless your Mum, I'm so glad the surgery has gone well! LOL!! at the surgeon and his TERRIBLE artwork, so glad he's not a plastic surgeon ;-)

The knitted bicycle is amazing! That's the kind of crazy stuff I love too...think I need to come live in Geelong! x

ksharonk said...

So glad the op went well ... now, I'd love to see a photo of you riding the 'Geelong' bike! THAT would be fun to scrap!!! :)

Chocolate Cat said...

So good that the surgery this week was successful, she won't know herself after next week. Love the knitted bike!!! Half of my family were in Geelong Monday and after a visit to the Cats shop came home with a new car flag!!!

Margaret said...

Gee fruit doesn't fall far from the trees does it ?

The same smile.
Glad to hear the cataract op went well

Lynne said...

Wishing your mum a sppedy recovery on both eyes.

How long do you think the blue and white festival can last?