Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well this has been a day and a half !

We had tickets to see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Melbourne Museum today. They were actually my wedding anniversary gift for Mike from April, just that we were going today. Mike is an Egypt freak, he has seen every documentary on TV about Egypt. I think it may have come from him being a small boy voyaging from Scotland to Australia, around the coast of Egypt and through the Suez Canal. Perhaps that's why Egypt has always stuck in his mind and been a passion.

In any case he'd been looking forward to this for weeks. BUT ... yesterday a scratchy throat started and he went downhill from there. I told him this morning we weren't going when he woke up and was shaking, I was pulling rank. Except obviously my rank doesn't rate very highly! ha. Mike was still smarting over missing the Bat Out of Hell concert and as I've nicknamed him today, Scrooge McMike didn't want to waste more money on unused tickets.

So like death warmed up we drove to Geelong to train to Melbourne them tram to the museum. That was the plan. Got to Geelong and the trains were out because of track work, so we bussed it to Melbourne instead. Which was still good and timely. We took it easy when we got there and had a short walk through DFO and a Starbucks coffee, then found the tram to take us to the museum. A few photos out the front and then to the exhibition.

Well it nearly did poor Mike in. Every room he had to sit for about 5 minutes to catch his breath. He loved it, absolutely loved it, the grin on his face showed that, but he was struggling. It was a shock to find we had spent nearly 2 hours in the exhibiton, which was WONDERFUL, so I highly recommend anyone to go. But he was ready to go home. He looked green by that stage. So we trammed back and then bussed back to Geelong and on the way home here he said to me words that you just don't want to hear "I think you better take me to hospital".

Mike doesn't "do" doctors, let alone hospitals, so I knew it was serious. He was having so much trouble breathing on the way home that anything other than a shallow breath felt like razor blades in his lungs, and his ventolin was making no difference. So we went to our country hospital in the next town where he was put straight onto Oxygen. At that stage I had a small quiet little freak out. Mike just doesn't "do" sick. He's now on antibotics with a chest infection, and taking it very easy tonight.

The exhibition though was everything and more than we could have expected. Simply stunning. And so hard to get my head around how old the artefacts were.

Mum and Me

This is a special page of a special day recently spent together. No more words needed except that we are healing. These photos were taken on the first day we have spent alone together since November 2009. (thank goodness camera have self-timers).


Credits Designer Digitals.


Jodie said...

Oh heck, what a day. Hope Mike feels better soon.

Lynne said...

Poor Mike - I do hope he recovers fully very quickly.

Lovely photos of your mum and you.

Cass said...

Oh my goodness, I hope poor Mike is feeling fighting-fit in no time. That's really scary how fast he got so ill. Lovely page with your Mum, you're right about making the most of time together :)

Chocolate Cat said...

Mike really wanted to see it didn't he?? Hope he is feeling better. I gave Mum tickets for Mothers Day and she loved it. I was intrigued by the age of the items and the detail in them. Lovely page of you and your Mum, gives me hope that one day my Mum and sister may heal.