Monday, June 13, 2011

Sniff, cough, bark, wheeze ...

Yep, that's why I've been absent this past week. The first half was spent making sure Mike was okay as he was in the throes of it, and then Wednesday I came home from work, took one look at the couch and collapsed on it about 6.30pm, dragged myself to bed a while later, and didn't get up until 1.30pm the next day when Mike woke me as he had made an appointment for me to see a doctor.

Now I'm on antibiotics for whooping cough no less. Apparently I don't have whooping cough, but my symptoms and the type of cough I have were similar. So Thursday and Friday were a blur, mostly sleeping. We've both never been this sick at the same time before that all we want to do is sleep, no energy, it's really taken the stuffing out of both of us. Saturday Mike started coming good, even though the tiredness creeps up as the day goes on. I've started feeling human today but still so flipping exhausted.

So what a waste of a long weekend.

Oh, and by the way ... Happy Birthday QE2 !


ksharonk said...

Oh Carol, how awful for you ... hope you are feeling a little better now, and I agree ... it's awful when you are sick on holidays!!! :(

Lynne said...

I hope you're both feeling a lot better soon. *hugs*

With the awful weather we had for the long weekend, indoors was the best place to be!