Saturday, June 18, 2011

And yet still it rains

Still raining out there, just more of the same. It's definitely going to be a very wet winter. Slept like a starfish last night and even the menagerie didn't wake me up this morning until around 9am. So lovely.

So I've been watching some home improvement shows on telly this afternoon whilst waiting for Mike to head home. It sounds like they had a fine time last night. My SIL texted me a few times about how raucous Mike and his dad were getting, obviously whiskey was involved!

Another of my pages of my nephews to show here. WARNING! Pitiful photograph. When we took Kim and the boys to the airport, because of the amount of suitcases and that mum came too, we took two cars. So this was the result when I offloaded my lot and we were waiting for Mike to make his way to us after parking his car. I think Matt's look here reflected everyone's mood. Oh and that was a steel post he was learning up against with the cases, it's not a rubbish bin. I just realised how bad that looked if you thought otherwise.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So I'm thinking a pot of tea is the next order of business, I'll put another log on the fire and settle down for the rest of the afternoon.


Lynne said...

So sad for all of you.

Have a cuppa for me too (and break out the knitting! tee-hee)

Polly said...

Oh Carol, there is so much emotion in that one photograph. xx

Fiona said...

It's raining here as well, and it's supposed to be our summer! Not surprised that there is whiskey involved when there's a Scot visiting - I bet Mike has a sore head when he gets home LOL!!