Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Lordy Lord!

We just finished watching The Shining. Remember that? Jack Nicholson. "Heeeeere's Johnny". I was shocked to see it was 30-odd years old. So that made me mid-teens when I saw it at the movies. I remember being terrified, absolutely bone-shakingly terrified.

So we're watching it tonight on Fox Classics and the whole way through it Mike decided to make scary noises, all of a sudden like, to make me jump. Or Hannibal Lector noises (wrong movie I know). Anything to get a rise out of me. Make me jump. Make me annoyed. MAKE ME VERY ANNOYED. Arrrrrgggghhh. When you want to be scared, sometimes you just want to be scared in peace, yanno.

Still flipping scary movie 30-odd years on.

Am still finding some fun photographs to scrap of my nephews. This was from one day when they came down to visit, the day we went to my friends when they picked out Nelli. My friends have some land next door and Gertie the boy sheep (yes read the journalling) was in the paddock. Check out David and Matt's hands. They were going no where near Gertie. It was so funny. Love these photos, and thankfully again, some of the photos that Sam's husband was able to retrieve from my dead hard drive. I still can never thank him enough.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Tomorrow Mike and I are going out for dinner and to see a local production of Godspell. I think local productions are a lot of fun, the community putting on a play. Looking forward to it, and I figure as long as I don't jump up and down (which obviously won't happen) I won't get the coughing fits that I'm still prone too.

So now ... do I dare go to the bathroom, because I just know as soon as I do, Mike will be waiting round the corner to scare me! haha. He really has never grown up, has he?


Lynne said...

Do they ever (grow up)?

I hope you enjoy Godspell - it's a seventies classic! I also like productions my local theatre company.

I've never seen "The Shining", nor do I want to - not my kind of movie at all! We've just finished watching "The Shawshank Redemption" - brilliant!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love all the pages you have done of the boys, what wonderful memories for them and what a great way to let them know how much you miss them. Hope you got to bed without too many 'scares'!!

Fiona said...

A classic scary movie, it'll never stop being scary and isn't Jack Nicholson just brilliant! Love the fact that Gertie is actually a ram LOL!!!

Polly said...

I cannot do scary movies, they give me dreadful nightmares