Thursday, June 23, 2011

This made me so sad

I don't give a lot of news commentary on this blog, but an article in the Herald Sun yesterday and I near on cried. The thought of this poor darling dog, who was a victim of his own appetite, but also a victim of very cruel owners, who in their misguided way thought they were doing him a favour I'm sure, but in my mind they need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and named and shamed.

Labs love their food, there's no secret in that. They are a walking garbage disposal unit, but responsibility means to make sure they can't get into food while you're not watching and have a regular meal time. Feeding this poor darling dog hamburger and pizzas and whole roast lambs? You have GOT to be kidding me. If they could afford that type of food for him, they could afford good quality weight controlled dog biscuits.

And now poor Sampson at 8 years old and it's all gotten too hard and they've handed in over and given him up for adoption. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Get this dog into this state and then it's all too hard. Too bad they didn't give him up about 40 kg ago.

Can you tell I'm mad? I'm furious. 85 kgs my friends, that's 187 pounds.

Does this dog look happy to you?



So so sad.


Fiona said...

Poor thing! Sounds like the vet is determined to him healthy though and lucky for him his owners gave him up - what on earth were they thinking!!!!

Lynne said...

That photo made me swear (inside my head)!

I am, as you know, not a dog person but I can't bear cruelty to animals and that is beyond cruel!

Calico said...

Well, I read your commentary but didn't have the heart to scroll down to see the pics because I cannot bear any type of animal cruelty stories. My heart goes out to all the animals suffering that nobody knows about. Makes me cry in my already sad state! BTW, Thank you for you kind words about Kayla. She left us with a huge hole in our lives, as pets do when the leave us. I know in time, the hole will be filled with all the wonderful memories. At some point I will make a scrapbook of her like I did for Candy!