Friday, June 17, 2011

Still barking

I'm still barking. This is never going end. There is NO light at the end of the tunnel I fear.

The first time I've ventured down the street at lunch time, big mistake. Abbey Lane, a very nice gift shop, was having a 30% off everything in the store sale. There were some beautiful smelling diffuers, I think that's what they are called. Those bottles of liquid with cane sticks hanging out of them. I sniffed and that was the end of me. My cough caught in the back of my throat and I swear I was dying. I coughed and coughed and coughed and bore the wrath, or at least the evil eye of everyone in the store. I hightailed it out of there and coughed my way up the street. Note to self - no smelling scents.

Mike is feeling so much better, he's almost back to himself. He's visiting with his dad at the moment before his dad heads off to Scotland. So tonight I vegged out. I brought home my favourite Thai takeaway - Penang Curry with Chicken. Mmmmmm. Then I watched Master chef Master class, my favourite episode of the week. Now a bit of scrapping and tidying up my hard drive. The fireplace is blazing. It's lovely and warm in here. My cat Bo is sitting on the desk beside me. Life is good.

On the scrapping front I am busy making pages of my darling nephews, so I can put them all in a book for them for Christmas, so they never forget us. This is a fun idea, what they call "subway art" that I got from my friend and fellow CT mate Doris. And apologies to the Beatles for a bit of leeway I took with the lyrics.

I love the conspiratal nature of this photo. Is that such a word - conspiratal. I know what I'm trying to say. Matt just idolised his Uncle Mike and I just love the sentiment behind this photo. The fact that Mike had time for this 6 year old, would spare him all the time in the world which in turn made Matt feel quite important I think. Or at least that he mattered.

Sorry Mike, the blending of this photo highlighted the bags under your eyes, it had been a long day when this photo had been taken!


Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that it's time to crawl into my warm bed. Soon enough then Lucky will jump up and curl around my feet on the doona at the bottom of the bed, what better way to keep my toes warm.


Polly said...

Oh carol you poor thing. However your evening sounds postively perfect.

Lynne said...

That's lovely, Carol - a perfect "borrowing" of lyrics.

Hope your cough takes a hike soon!