Monday, May 23, 2011

Yet another week has begun

I was looking at the calendar today on my desk at work and with shock realised that May is now almost shot to pieces and with June hot on it's heels (I say "hot" figuratively because it means Winter!) the weather is already becoming horrid. Rain, cold cold mornings, more rain, wind, even more rain. I think it's going to be a cold wet few months for us.

Master Chef talk

So who is Mastercheffing? (I'm sure that must be a new word in the dictionary). Loving it but at the moment I could write the script, predicting each time whose time it is to go. Still barracking for Sun and Kate.

And in the shadow of Masterchef, dare I say we had on the weekend steak, green vegetables and ... wait for it ... potato rosti courtesy of Friday night's master class. Very nice. Although I'm not going to buy a rosti pan just to make it in. So I used egg circle things, heck the name escapes me at the moment, what are they called? Egg doova-lackies. So my rosti didn't turn out as good as the chef on the show's, but still mighty yummy considering how easy it was to make. Why have I not known about potato rosti before this?

Birthday Boy

Yes a few months ago now but we celebrated a "coming of age" in the household. Lucky turned 21. Well in dog years that is. The birthday hat didn't last long on his head, only as long as the treats held out! Smart boy that one.


Credits Designer Digitals.

I'm Proud

Yes I am. I am so proud of my oldest step-son right now, well I always am, but especially after his efforts on the weekend, where he umpired on the hallowed turf of the MCG at the U/18 curtain raiser to the Dreamtime match between Essendon and Richmond. Can you even imagine how exciting it must have been for him to walk out onto that ground.

And as professional and serious he is about his umpiring, I love that he commented "It was great watching myself signal on the big screen" !!!

For my overseas friends who read this blog, the MCG is the premier football ground in the country, this was a very big deal for my stepson. And you know there's going to be a scrap page in the making naturally!

And with that, time for bed! Nighty night possums.


ksharonk said...

It only seems yesterday that Lucky 'arrived', you know, and I was warning you about chewed shoes and the like! Happy birthday, Lucky! :)

Margaret said...

Nighty night possums hmmm, they don't sleep at night they run over the roof and jump on to next doors patio. Great eh! umnpy at the 'g'

Lynne said...

Oooo! What a big deal indeed! Such a buzz! Congratulations to Umpire StepSon.