Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like a bat out of hell :-(

Sad face for sure. This is what we were going to do last night. We were going to see the Bat Out of Hell concert at the Palais. But things have a way of going awry when you book things so far out in advance. We were going with friends. Their son had an emergency appendectomy on Thursday so they weren't able to go, Mike ended up getting sick this weekend so all bets were off for us too, there was no way he was going to be able to sit in a car for a 6 hour round trip. So there would have been some happy people in the audience with 4 chairs in front of them with no boof heads in the way.


And it was too late to get the tickets to people in Melbourne to go, so we did our dough.

So it's been a rather quiet weekend. I've just made a purchase on etsy which has brought me joy! A poster about old dogs. Love it. I bought a B&W/grey version of it which I'm going to frame in a black frame and perhaps a red mat and put it on the wall here near my computer.

Even as I sit here typing this post, Molly is laying flat out on the floor by my feet (keeping my feet warm in the process mind you) gently snoring her little heart out, not a care in the world, every now and then she issues a satisfied groan which is most unladylike, but we can forgive her for that, she's geriatric now being 12 years old.

Isn't the sentiment on this poster terrific? I got it from Bubby and Bean.


Onto scrapping, I finally have scrapped some photos I took on the weekend away I had in Halls Gap with my friends here from town. So much fun, having a house in the middle of the bush with the wildlife just at your door, seeing the mountains around you in all sides, smelling that fresh air, I soooooo want to live up there. Always have, always will.



Credits Designer Digitals.

Now despite Molly's warmth at my feet I am feeling quite a chill in the air so off to stoke the fire!


Lynne said...

Oh what a shame about the tickets! I hope Mike is feeling better soon.

I like that text about "old dogs" - so true.

Lovely photos from a lovely place.

Calico said...

Oh, I love that "old dogs" writing! I may have to get one and send it to my vet as a thank-you for spending his Friday night doing an emergency surgery on Kayla (at 13, I'm not sure too many people would have chosen that option). We are not ready to part with our 'Old Dog' just yet!! Details on my blog if you want to read the story.

Margaret said...

Hope Mike is feeling and the appendictomy went well , but what a bummer. Nice weekend away with the girls though.