Friday, May 6, 2011

How to win friends and influence people

Oh dear, one of my fellow workers totally put a foot in it today, completely and utterly. She got an email from one of the people in a department in Melbourne who help us, except the woman had a different last name.

So my fellow worker got straight on the phone and exclaimed "Sarah!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! When was the big day, how absolutely exciting, tell us all about it".

Silence followed from my fellow workmate and her face went beetroot.

Sarah had gotten a divorce! Hence the change in surname. Ouch.

Which gave me fits of giggles. Not for poor Sarah, not at all, not for my fellow worker, but for the ridiculousness of the situation. Okay, so I was rolling around the floor laughing, it's usually me who puts my foot in it, both feet usually at the same time. So it was quite refreshing to see someone else do it for once!

What we can learn from this story - never ASSUME as it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

Names changed to protect the innocent ;-)

Here's a quickie to show you, a page I did a while back from a photo that was taken of us when we went out on the Tall Ship in Corio Bay. My father-in-law was crewing on it at the time and it was a wonderful joy sail (do you say that? You say joy flight, so I will use that term joy sail). Although I can imagine if we were way out in the heads I would have had my head over the side!


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now, off to bed! Mike is still watching Terminator so I will leave him to it. Sweet dreams await me.


Polly said...

Oh Carol. Freaking hilarious.

Lynne said...

Oh dear; I feel deeply for your colleague and "Sarah"! But I can see the funny side - just!