Thursday, September 16, 2010

I have scrapped my heart out

And now I've finished. Saturday afternoon till this morning, I've finished Kim's photobook. 31 pages. Done. I'm exhausted. I'm all scrapped out. The order went in this evening.

Now back to Miss B's quilt and a surprise I'm making for a certain someone, not to mention Mr. W's book and the calendars I was wanting to make for Christmas. Soooo many projects, so little time.

Had a busy time of it this week. There was a bit of this happening when my brother's family came last Saturday ...


Don't you love the cookies I made for the boys, jaffa noses, mini M&M eyes and red icing smiles (although just quietly they ate the ones Mike decorated first with fangs, hmmmph) ...


I've been well and truly spoilt this past week. I actually had no idea Mike had ordered a cake, to be honest my brother coming down was "just a visit", even though I was making a nice lunch for us all. The cookies were to be the dessert. When Mike and Wes disappeared straight after lunch saying they'll be back in a little while, I was hopping mad and boy did I give Mike "the eye" as he was pulling out of the driveway. I was about to bring out my special cookies. Only to have them reappear a few minutes later from the bakery in town with the cake. How big did I feel?

Did you happen to realise that last week was 8.9.10 for us Aussie's and some other parts of the world that don't say the date backwards. Of course the scrapper in me couldn't let the day go past, I even woke Lucky up from a snooze on the couch so Mike could capture a photograph on the day too (that's a yawn, not a smile!!)

I'm definitely not a busy pattern scrapper, but I kind of like this, way out of my comfort zone. Using the new Dwell kit by creashens, and how cool is that new font I found, Jellyka Cutty Cupcakes.


Credits here.

End of the week tomorrow, thank goodness. I have something special to do tomorrow night, will be back with the details after it has happened. How secret squirrel is that ?!?!


Sharon said...

Super cool cookies!!! Hope you had a GREAT day! :)

Margaret said...

Another good read, plenty of stuff going on around your place.