Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a sad and sorry state

I would never usually discuss politics in a blog post, this blog is way too airy fairy for that, but tonight I must. What a sad and sorry state our nation is in tonight. That the election that, to coin a phrase, that "we the people" were to vote for a political leader, ended up being decided on by a handful of independents.

Now I'm not for one party or the other. To be honest I don't mind admitting I voted Indpendent this year. Independent I thought was just that. Independent. Neither wanting Labor or Liberal. This whole preference thing just sucks. And if we must have to go down the preference path, surely ... SURELY ... that each person standing should be made to make their preferences known before the election is held. And not be sold out to the highest bidder who will feather their own backyard or their own electoral nest more comfortably than the other party would.

That would then be the fairer way for the people to vote, so they knew exactly in which corner their vote was being cast.

And that's all I will say on the matter.

Onto a much more happy note, scrapping, ahhhhh. :-) I have mentioned once or twice or maybe about 50 times, that we've been doing a bit of renovating here. Slowly (very slowly) but surely. Earlier on this year we decided the chimney was not worth saving. It was cracking and on a lean and far too dangerous to leave standing, particularly as it was blocked and not being used, the fireplace in the bedroom being decoration now only.

So once the decision was made it came crumbling (and I mean crumbling) down. Take a look.


Although we now have half a chimney in its place. Mike thought it would make a great talking piece. Men! This chapter of the reno work has not finished, let me tell you.

Sharon of [ksharonkdesigns] fame has some great Simple Sets, when you want to get a page done quick, add a bit of journalling and embellishments and call it done. This page used Simple Set #72. Go check it out. I turned this one on its side for a different look.

Over and out.

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amson said...

1/2 a chimney is certainly a talking piece. Not sure what else you can do with it??? I was wondering how you were going in the rain and floods. The news clips are unbelievable. Especially after the drought...