Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm on the home straight, a race against time, to get this quilt finished for Miss B for her birthday at the start of November. I had 2 more borders to sew on. The end was in sight.

I was screaming along.

Faster and faster.

Nothing could stop me- I was one with the sewing machine, okay that sounds a bit tragic, but you know what I mean.

Too fast.

Until ...


I hit a pin and snapped the needle clear in half.

I cursed and screamed and well yes, I nearly had a little cry when I realised I have no spare sewing machine needles.

Two more borders, that's all I had to go. So a trip out to Spotlight tomorrow is in order, which I wasn't planning to go out there considering it takes a huge chunk out of my lunch break since it moved out of town.

I am defeated.

So I went through my pretty pages, well I think they are pretty any way, to find one I haven't put on my blog. My stepdaughter and her Aunty (my sister-in-law, Mike's sister). This will be one I'll put away for Miss T's album for when she's 21. Oh I have the big birthday presents planned haven't I?

I loved this night, it was my sister-in-law's surprise 40th birthday party. So much fun. We'd been down for lunch and late afternoon we "left" except we didn't, we hung around town and came back for the surprise party with about 50 of her friends. Fantastic fun.


Made with the fabulous Smitten kit by creashens. Superb colours, go check it out.


esther_a said...

It always gives such a fright when you break a needle, doesn't it?! But no spare needles?!! What where you thinking?! I'd be spitting chips too.

Polly said...

I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Margaret said...

You know what the tortoise said to the hare ?? Sorry to hear about the bad luck , it will be much appreciated when it is looking lovely and finished .

Lynne said...

Spotlight has moved out of town here too - and in Tamworth (where my sister lives).