Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another weekend come and gone

I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend as I have. My brother, sister-in-law and my two new nephews came down on Saturday for a visit. I wonder if I'll always call them my "new nephews", the phrase has just kind of stuck. I have to hand it to my sister-in-law, she certainly is getting my brother down here to visit.

As happens when people live a little way aways, it's nothing for me to travel a couple of hours to Geelong to see family, but oh, when the tables are turned, it's like ... what? you expect me to go all that way in a day? In the first say 6 years that I was with Mike from when we met, I could roughly say my brother had only visited here about 2 (at the most 3) times. But since Kim and the boys have been in his life for a year or two, he's been here double what he'd had before.

And it's so much fun, the boys love playing with Molly and Lucky. Well what's not to love, when Molly lays on her back for the obligatory tummy rub and young Matthew diligently sits there rubbing her tummy for 10 minutes non-stop! ha.

But there were tears too. Mike decided it would be fun for the boys to play with magnet, lets see what they can pick up, what they stick to, etc. Now these magnets he had were so strong that holding one under the dining room table it was attracting the other on the table surface. Boys will be boys and because Mike has an earring young David wanted to see what he would look like so Mike (who should have known better) puts one magnet on one side of his ear lobe and one on the other. Can you guess where I'm heading with this? The attraction was so strong that before he could do anything else SNAP! the magnets squished poor David's ear.

Well as a 12 year old he didn't want to be seen to be crying in front of us so he just put his head down and was silent. It wasn't until I saw him shaking and a river of tears literally dripping from his face onto the table that I realised just how much he was hurting. Frozen peas to the rescue. I had him laughing after that.

I will tell you this, the kids wear me out, there was a bit of a nap on the couch after they left.

Kim has asked me to put together a scrapbook album for her mum for Christmas. I don't know if Kim understands just how long it takes. Templates to the rescue! I'm using a terrific Lynn Grieveson template pack - My Windows Travel Album, really good for a coordinated look. I've teamed it up with a bit of a splurge with Vinnie Pearce's Journey Back collection. Absolutely delicious colour combinations.

So could I call this a scrap-a-thon this weekend? Kim only gave me the cd of photos when they were here and they left about 3.30 so I didn't scrap until after then (after the nap!! te he) and as of now I've just finished (prepare to be impressed) page number 21!!! Kim has made it easy, she's numbered all the photos, put down what should go on which page and what journalling, so all I'm doing is cleaning up some of the photos, plonking them on, a bit of decoration and wham, page done. Yep, in a situation like this templates rock!

Another AAM page to show you. This one was to document what you think you are good at. Gosh that was a hard one, it's hard to blow your own trumpet, so to speak. And of course being that one of my things is quilting, I wanted my page to look like a quilt :-)


All products Designer Digitals.

Time for bed, Molly is at my side here laying on the floor dreaming, probably about chasing cats, her paws are twitching like she's running, I ought to record it one day, she's so funny. G'night.


amson said...

Love the quilt page. I have always wanted to do this and might just scraplift. Colours are gorgeous. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Talk about buckets of tears last week. This week we are a little more in control but so down still. So hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet. But I guess that is the issue. They are family members not just pets.Anyway thanks...

Sharon said...

Looking forward to seeing the album, Carol! I was checking out the VP collection this last weekend ... :)

Polly said...

Carol if anyone can do it you can?