Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yet another weekend

Another weekend has rolled around, but I have an excuse for not posting, because I have been away. I had three nights away with work at a training course. Nice to be put up in a motel, all meals paid for, hire car, etc. But I came home brain dead from the training and ready for a home cooked meal. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed too.

Probably the things I miss most when I'm away from home for overnighters, is my pillow and my bathroom. I really detest having to live out of a toiletry bag when I'm away. I like things to be where I have them here at home, shampoo in the shower rack, moisturiser products on the bathroom vanity, toothbrush in its holder. Ahh the comforts of home.

I did giggle when I opened up our local weekly newspaper. After the cajoling getting the kids to come to the dawn service last week for Easter, both Mr. T and myself ended up getting snapped for the paper. Me singing like there was no tomorrow. Mr. T inwardly grimacing and rolling his eyes. ha.

Now before you think we've gone and added to the menagerie, we haven't. We were out to dinner recently at some friends and they have a ragdoll cat. Have you ever held one? I was amazed. As soon as I lifted him up he just collapsed in my arms. It was the funniest thing. Isn't he too darn pretty to be a boy as well? I couldn't resist snapping a few photographs.


I had a lot of fun using creashens' Pitter Patter kit for this, which matched perfectly with our friends kitchen cupboards.

Over and out.


Lynne said...

He is, indeed, a very good-looking cat.

PS Good to see you on; I have added you to my friends' list.

Amandac said...

oh Carol I love that cat - I want that cat *feverishly planning on a roadtrip to nick that cat*

Gorgeous page as always Carol and ADORABLE cat!! I miss my baby *sniff*

Susie Roberts said...

How cute! Our daughter, Katie has a Tiffany and she's an epileptic! Have you ever heard of an epileptic cat? Muppet has a fit every month like clockwork, at night, on the bed and yes, makes a mess. Goodness the things we do for our precious animals! When she walks, she looks like she's got Parkinson's.
But we love her anyway, even if she does drop more than hair! I haven't dropped by for ages. Take care!

Simply Vixen said...

rofl @ amanda
but she's right, beautiful cat!
and your page is too!