Saturday, April 24, 2010

Masterchef anyone?

Oh my goodness I'm loving it ... LOV-ING-IT !!!!! It looks like the second series is going to be just as good as the first, if not better. And what is it in Masterchef season? I'm going to call it a season for want of a better term. I go all out and make new recipes. It inspires me. I use ingredients I've not used before. Of late I've been making the same old tired recipes each night, for want of tiredness, for want of no imagination, for want of just get something on the table and eat before I drop. But in Masterchef Season I'm all go.

Mike being the beneficiary of my troubles, means that this is one reality tv show he doesn't mind!

Here's last night's effort. Yes, a work night no less! Oh and Mike says, "quick, grab the camera before we eat!" Ahhh good man, he's learning! This was a Mexian bean chicken thing which as it happens was in the free Masterchef lift out from last weeks Sunday Sun. Delicious! It even looks like the photograph.


Just finished a batch of Anzac cookies tonight too. They taste delicious! The kitchen smells all sweet and delicious like golden syrup.

Well the house is nice and warm, the fire is roaring, Mike is watching some war show on TV, I'm scrapping, the menagerie are all curled up snoozing, and a cup of tea by my side. Can life get any more perfect? It makes me smile.


esther_a said...

We've been making the Biggest Loser recipes. Yummo! Can I come for coffee and some Anzacs?

Lynne said...

Perhaps we need a dose of Master Chef - but I can't stand "competition" type reality shows! And, the reality is, we watch cooking programs: re-runs of The Cook and The Chef, Poh's Kitchen and Food Safari - but still we eat the same old, same old!