Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday night

My favourite time of the week. Love love LOVE my Friday nights. Work week has finished and weekend still hasn't begun.

Bucket head, as she has affectionately become known, is laying here beside me, a sad and sorry sight. 4 more days. The mantra continues. I know she's hating the bucket as much as we are, but not much longer. Her eye looks so clear now, it's been worth it.

Does anyone know what happens with dissolving stitches though? Do they just one day disappear? Or do they drop off? Or what?

In my haste to the finish line with both my P365 album and my Christmas album, I have omitted a few lovely pages along the way to show you. This one is on my desktop of my work computer. It makes me happy, some of my favourite shots of the year, including one each of my menagerie, how can I not be happy when I see their lovely faces on my computer each day.


Hmmm, the page kinda disappears into nowhere there, but it is square and looks fabulous on my black background computer desktop. I really like this template and can see it will be very versatile to show off photographs, it's Simple Sets #68 by [ksharonkdesigns] available at, you guessed it, twolittlepixels!

Off to make a cup of tea then bed for me, it's been a looooooong week!


SaschkaH said...

You added those cows just for me, right? :D

Lynne said...

Lovely photos as usual.

Poor ol' Molly; won't be long now girl.

BTW, are you on Ravelry so I can add you to my friends?