Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7 days to go

Just humming that like a mantra, 7 days to go, 7 days to go, till the blasted bucket head comes off. It's hot, she's crabby, she wants to scratch but she can't, poor darling. This is worse than counting down how many days left till I finished my upgrading to manager at work.

Did I mention prior to Christmas that step son number 1 had a motor bike accident? Not sure if I did or not. A lady did a U-turn in front of him coming out of a park, he saw her and slowed and tried to take evasive action and then she turned back again in front of him going into another park and he ran right into her. Broke his arm, quite badly so that the bones had to be stretched back out and a plate put in. It's not looking good at the moment, the plaster has now come off but they feel his arm isn't healing as it should, so they're considering over the next few weeks as to whether to re-break the arm to re-set it again. That sounds hideously painful whichever way you look at it.

So not one for photos at the best of times, Mike did manage to take a (very bad) shot from his mobile phone camera, which of course I had to scrapbook. Naturally. Using the fabulous Reasons kit by creashens.


Credits here.

So it looks as if it's going to be another sleepless night, its way way too hot at the moment, not liking this weather one bit. Night.


Chocolate Cat said...

Another 7 days!!!! I am feeling your pain! That is not good news about the arm not mending, having to go through all the pain and discomfort and missing work for something that wasn't his fault. I love the last sentence on the 'page' - how true!!!

Lynne said...

Hope the problems with your son's arm are sorted out soon!

Is there nothing you won't scrap?

It was 30*C here yesterday but the humidity was 90% so it seemed much hotter. I was perspiring just cutting buttons off old shirts!

Lisa Beth said...

Wish I could share my cold weather with you...

Hugs to your poor Molly and best wishes that SS1's arm is better soon. My oldest brother had a horrid car accident a few years ago, and he's got pins, screws and plates all over. It's a tough bit at first, but once healed, it will be totally back to normal.

Amandac said...

The weather is pretty darn nasty up north too Carol but at least I dont have a bucket stuck to my head - poor Molly!

I'm so sorry to hear about your step son - I saw your page the other day but hadn't read the story - his arm sounds so painful! I hope that everything settles down and they dont have to re-break his arm!!