Sunday, September 20, 2009


What a match last night and I can't believe it, well I can of course, but my beloved Cats are in the finals again this year. COME ON BOYS !!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO EEEEET !!!!!!

At the end of every quarter I would text a phone message to my mum (an ardent one-eyed Collingwood supporter).

At the end of the first quarter: "Meow!"
Second quarter: "Purr Purr!!!"
Third quarter: "Hiss Hiss, Scratch Scratch!!!!"
And then when the final siren rang out: "The cats ate a pie for dinner tonight!"


She was not impressed.

At all.

Couldn't help myself either, I had to quickly come and document my excitement. And how better to do that, than with scrapbooking.


Credits here.

And the fact I share my office with a St. Kilda supporter will make for a very interesting week ahead. ha.

I have been remiss in updating my blog over this last week, but it's been a busy one. One for which was a certain girl was having a birthday. ME! We celebrated at a fabulous new Indian restaurant in Warrnambool. We had a banquet and it was to die for. Absolutely delicious. So much food. And I have to get the recipe for those little dumpling things and icecream which we finished off with, absolutely delicious.

Then Mike has come down with this horrid cold/flu/whatever it is. I was gearing up for a week of man disease, but as of last night it was fully fledged. He's had a horrible night up and down all night, coughing, spluttering. Touch wood I don't get it, but that will be a miracle. He's had such a broken sleep he's still in bed now and it's just gone 11am. I think to sleep it off will be the best thing.

Well a cup of tea time for me I think. And I'll finish off with two words.


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Lynne said...

Happy belated birthday!