Saturday, September 12, 2009


My goodness how warm was it today. Out of the blue like that too. Not sunny though, just muggy. Very unexpected. Oh sure of course the weather man did say it was going to be nice, but who believes the weather man? ha!

Mike was full up with a sneezes and runny nose on Thursday, but what does he do - go camping! Do you think there might be a week coming up of man sick in my future?? I say man sick because women just keep getting on with things, right ladies?? But err most men I know, when sick, lets just say the world stops spinning on its axis!

We've been full up with family commitments the last however many weeks, so number one it's good for Mike to go out and have a bit of "me" time with his detecting buddies, and me having a bit of "me" time having the house to myself. Although I've scrapped, I've also houseworked up a storm!! Is it possible to get high on the smell of Mr. Sheen? I love it.

Have I mentioned before that I have the coolest father-in-law? Well I do. He's 70-cough years old and look at him here, a jolly pirate. He crews on the Enterprize tall ship, it's become quite a love being out sailing. And let me tell you from having been on the ship with him, it's darn hard work all those ropes and sails and all. He loves it when they have pirate dress up days so couldn't help but scrap this one.


Dirty Backs by cherpea designs
Glitter Splats by jot & scribble
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Stamp Frames #1 by Ana Reis Designs
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Polly said...

It was 30 here today, absolutely glorious!
Hope Mike had a great camping trip.

Lynne said...

It was 33*C here yesterday [it's been building up for a week] - today the southerly hit and the temp dropped back to 20*C!

Good on 'im! My FIL is a marvellous man too. It's hard to believe he had a triple bypass just a few years ago or that he only three months younger than my dad!