Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoying the week

I hope the Geelong (oh okay and the St. Kilda) fans are enjoying the week. We're having a blast in our office. I share an office with a lady who is a devout St. Kilda fan. So as the week has progressed, so has our decorating.

She put a scarf up.
I put a scarf up.

She put a poster up.
I put a poster up.

She put some balloons and streamers up.
I did so too.

Our office is a plethora of red/black/white on her side and the gorgeous blue and white on my side. I even made a blue and white cake for the office today, she refused to cut it and picked away the blue bits on the icing on her piece. hahahaha Oh it's all in good fun and has been hysterically funny. Office morale has sky rocketed. Everyone has been dropping by to see what we're up to next.

And you may remember from last year, but I think it's worth a second look, don't you? My ever suffering girl! ha.



Lynne said...

Poor Molly!!

You knoew your sidebar says "Gorgeous dog [singular] and cat" - you do have two dogs, don't you?

Lynne said...

And of course, that should be "know"!