Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wild wild weekend

Well my holidays have now come to a close, back to work tomorrow where within one morning I shall more than likely feel like the last month is but a memory ~~sigh~~ I shall take inventory of my 'to do' list later, but I can report I didn't get them all done. Oh well.

However my holidays did close with a bang! I am actually still recovering so glad I have had these last couple of days to recover. I spent last weekend in Sydney with a remarkable group of women who, well lets just say, they know how to party!

But I did get to do a bit of sight seeing.

Lots of fun though the weekend, lots of laughs. But who'd a thunk it. Here I am, a mature woman of 42, and I got refused entry to a night club because I didn't have my licence ID on me. I didn't know whether to be outraged or give the bouncer a big hug! hahahahahahahahaha

One very very fun part of my trip to Sydney was to meet up with my long time online friend Bells. Do check out her blog, she does AMAZING knitting. Plus I got to actually touch the revered steeked jacket! Plus go yarn shopping with her. I also got to meet her very nice friend Rose Red. They collaborate together on Mouthsfuls of Heaven.

Bells, she's EXACTLY like I imagined, I've seen many many pics, even spoken to her on the phone, countless emails, but in person she is just gorgeous. What a friend I have made. This whole online community, it's just great isn't it? Can't wait to do it again!

Now off to bed with me, there's an alarm due to go off tomorrow. Yawn.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I'd go the big hug!! Tracey
ps pleased you had fun.

Bells said...

fab photos Carol. You look so happy. Sydney was great, huh?

Debby said...

Love your blog! You left a message on my blog that you didn't get my kit, Loren. If you have downloaded something of mine in the past e-mail me at the addy in my tou and I will get you in to my freebies.