Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life is like a soap opera at times!

I am in the middle of a real live soap opera happening in my street at the moment. Well ... I'm not *IN* the middle, but watching from the sides, but it's happening all around me.

Take a girl and a boy who have fond affection for one another. Life has gone on happily for quite some time now. They meet every morning for a hello and a bit of luvvin' and ... well ... life is good. She was feeling quite secure in her own world and he was in his.

UNTIL ....

A cheap walkin' talkin' hussey moves into town. And not just town, but right up the street.

All of a sudden life as we all knew it had changed. The poor girl couldn't look sideways without the hussey being right there in her face. And not only that, but the hussey has started making moves on the boy. HER BOY! Right in front of her. Up and down the street the hussey struts her stuff, taunting the girl. I swear this hussey even wiggles as she goes by. It's shameful.

Who knows how this saga is going to pan out. Who will end up with who?

Stay tuned.


Saturday Scraplift Challenge (Designer Digitals) of 'Friends' by Mozer

Paper – Anna Benjamin of Paper Moons – Cartoon Garden Kitz
Fonts – Mandigo and You are Loved
Curled Paper edges by Anna Aspnes


Bells said...

Oh! Excitement! Drama. I love a good soap.Keep us posted!

Unkoof said...

hahaha. Cute! Can't wait for the next installment.

KristiYaYa said...

OK, this is Desparate Housewives, and the Hussy is Edie!!!!

Victoria said...

Your blog has a little bit of everything! I had a great time perusing your layouts and the soap opera.
Thanks for your kind comment to my blog!