Monday, May 7, 2007

Warning : Cute Alert

Actually I should say "Warning : SERIOUSLY cute alert!"

Have had a terrific few days visiting my bestie over the other side of Melbourne. OMG though, those freeways! Considering I'm using a Melways that is well over 10 years old, I can be forgiven that half the new roads aren't even on it. Although her hubby did me a very good map courtesy of whereis, complete with pointed out spots he added on the way (7-11, Maccas, supermarket, etc.) which made it a very good map to follow. Got to love a man like that. I thought I was going well, only got honked at twice and seriously cut in on once resulting in brakes being slammed on and some not very nice words coming from my mouth! ~~BLUSH~~

So my camera has been in over-drive, considering she has a 5 year old sweetheart of a daughter and a 15 month of cuddle sponge of a son. Add to this mix a 9 week old puppy named Otto, and I was in shutterbug heaven!!!

Ready to melt your heart? Isn't this the darn cutest thing you ever did see?

I think I need to print this picture out and carry it with me. When things get tough or life isn't going the way I want it, I need to drag this out and life will be okay again. What do you think?


Bells said...

Oh good grief. Cute as a button. Those eyes! The slipper is bigger than he is!

Yes I think you do need to carry it around with you. Absolutely essential.

Cuddle sponge is a great phrase! I love it. Did you make it up? I want to use it too. :-)

Victoria said...

Traffic over your way sounds like traffic in Atlanta, Georgia. YIKES!

That puppy is so adorable! I, too, love the phrase "cuddle sponge"!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I'm having a serious Lady and the tramp flashback here! Gorgeous, tracey

KristiYaYa said...

That is just too precious!!! I printed a copy to put in my wallet and do exactly as you recommend!!!
Think Pink!