Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bad blogger!

Hmmm, this whole going back to work after holidays deal is playing havoc with my blogging! Well I survived a week, well three days. I heartily approve of not working a full week when going back after a month off. It was hard enough working three days. ~~sigh~~

I have some show and tell from the Sydney weekend. Bells, my darling friend Bells and I, went to an awesome shop called Tapestry Craft and they had wool that I had never even heard of. I have wanted for so long to make a Kitty Pi which is featured on Wendys Knits blog. Check out this gallery of kitty pi's, it will make your heart warm and make you giggle at others.

Now mind you - I'm hopeless at dpns, I've never done felting, and I just spent nearly $30 on a skein of wool. You think I'm crazy? I do. But Bells has confidence in me, and by golly I'm giving it my best shot.

Well after a disastrous ten times trying to cast on only 9 stitches on dpns, yes I know, only 9, but I kept getting mixed up at how you do that first row and join them kind of together, so I made up my own way which will be fine with a small stitch of sewing to sew it togther :-) So we'll see how it goes. I'm finally onto the round needles so feeling a lot better. At the moment the pi is looking like a beret for a person with a very big head, LOL.

I hope it's knitting up tight enough, I'm using the size needles specified in the pattern. Oh well, we will see. If it doesn't work for the kitty pi, I'll just look around town for a big headded person!!!

Isn't this the most delicious shade, the pic hardly does it justice.

(Fantabulous Frames designed by "I made this today")


Bells said...

Oh yay!!! I am so proud I was there when you chose that wool. Will you look at how it's knitting up? It's yummy! Good work.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That is a gorgeous colour, good luck with the hat, mine would take the rest of my life....but felting I can do! Tracey