Thursday, May 10, 2007

More dogs!

Okay, well you can be forgiven if you think I've turned this blog into a dog blog, but I seem to be inundated in pupkins at the moment. A gorgeous yellow lab decided that our place was a nice home to visit yesterday and lobbed on our doorstep, via digging his way under our fence and tryng to mount our poor innocent Molly. She retaliated in disgust mind you (good girl!!!) with a sharp snap at our guest.

This gorgeous dog obviously had lost its way, its collar was missing, but it was quite evident it had had a collar previously by the way his neck fur was. The Council tried to no avail to find an owner (well, I wonder actually how hard they did try as we are still yet to hear back from them) so we had to call the Ranger. At least this beautiful boy can be checked if he had a microchip (we hope) and go back to his rightful owner.

Don't you worry, we'll be keeping close tabs on him to make sure he does. In the meantime, look at this face!!!

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Things that Never Really Happened

I decided I needed a bit of a change with some scrapping and there are two very talented ladies at Designer Digitals who post these brilliant "Things that Never Really Happened" layouts. So I thought I'd give it a go also. What fun! A nice way to use some antique style papers and elements, and imagine what was going through the minds of the victims ... err models !!! te he

Here's my first shot at it.


"Tom ponders the loving way to tell Katie she's put on the beef since the wedding ... Whilst he tries to rid his knee of cramp, he mentall budgets for a Jenny craig voucher for her first anniversary present".

(Poor Tom! He has no idea huh?)

Old World Charm Kit by Lisa Carter
Vintage frame by Katie Pertiet
Curled Paper edge by Anna Aspnes
Stitching by Tracy Blankenship and Bluish Dream Kit by Lively
Pressed flowers by Doris Castle
Tag by Linda Gil Bildall
Fonts – Another typewriter and Amanda’s hand

By the way, this pic is of "unknown" people, I believe a flea market find. So if you do happen to stumble on this and do know them, please let me know.

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Victoria said...

OH! MY SIDES HURT! The Jenny voucher sent me over the edge! ROFL! I have to try this layout idea! I love it!

I hope Romeo lab finds his way home! Poor innocent Molly!

Thanks for the great idea!