Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coming to you from Beastie Boy !

My new super sonic runs like the wind ultra quiet computer.  So quiet I told Mike it wasn't working the other day, but I'd forgotten to turn the screen on and I couldn't hear a sound out of it.  I love that I turn it on and wham it's ready at the start screen.   And the programs, super super fast on my solid state drive.  Previously I'd click on Photoshop, walk up to the kitchen, boil the kettle, make a cuppa, bring it back down here and it would be just opening.  Not any more.  I click on Photoshop and wham, there it is.  I'm signed up to the Cloud now too, so I have Lightroom which I'm totally lost in, but will be studying up some tutorials.

I did a run today, my longest run ever.  16.6 km.  I was flipping ecstatic.  I woke up this morning, thank you alarm, how on earth can a person hit snooze when I have it set up like this ...

It was still dark when I left, but I ran through town under the street lights in the FOG !!  Hoping for a lovely sunrise, was not to be, the whole just over two hours was foggy, it didn't lift.  As you can see behind me here.  This was at the just over 8km half way point, before I turned around and ran all the way back to town.  I was sodden by this stage, a combo of dampness from the fog and (what we call) liquid awesome (sweat) !!

End result... ouch.  I am slow, I will grant you that, but I ran about 95% with only a handful of short walk breaks.  I quite liked running in the fog, apart from having to remain completely vigilant for the few cars that came out of the fog to make sure they saw me running up the side of the road, but the fact you can't see all the distance in front of you, so you don't end up psyching yourself out of hills or rises, or the long long road stretching out ahead.  It was like take each step as it came.  Worked for me.

Before I go, another update on my beautiful stepdaughter.  She really is just the picture of serenity.  I am loving creating these pages for her.

Credits Designer Digitals.   Now off to bed for me.

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