Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some more baby pages

A wee little update on some baby pages.  Tab is now 24 weeks.  My goodness, this is going so quickly now.  And she really is the picture of health.  I'm still madly scrapping the photos she is sending me through.  Here's the latest baby belly page back when she was 18 weeks pregnant.  I absolutely love this pic, she looks like she's from another era and how cute is that headband too.

And they have the cot and chest of drawers now.  I was sooooo worried that when they went to collect it, if it wouldn't have been what it looked like in the photograph, or if they opened the flat pack if it had a dirty big scratch on it, or if it was flimsy and not sturdy.  But it was everything they had hoped for and more.  It's absolutely gorgeous and A has done a great job setting it up.

I quickly sent a text to Tabby and said to make sure she got pics when he was setting things up for the nursery as Mr. A definitely deserves his own page in this baby book too.

I love that Tab is excited when she sees these pages, I can't wait to get a few more and then send them off for printing, when she gets the actual page from Persnickety, it looks just soooooo incredible having something tangible for an album.  Ahh heck, I might just do one more bump page and then send off for printing anyway.  Waiting is overrated, right?

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Lynne said...

So exciting for you all!